8 year old German Sheppard

Ever since we brought Zeus home at 9 weeks old, he has always had skin issues. The older he got, the more severe his itching and scratching became. He was constantly itching and scratching, biting at his paws and chewing at his hindquarters. It got to the point that he started having hot spots and sores where he would scratch his skin raw. His hair started to fall out, his coat started looking rough and dull and he never held his right ear completely straight up. The only thing the vet could do to help his itching was to give him prednisone. Our vet thought he had some form of allergy. Because of his severity, our vet suggested we take him to the University of Tennessee (vet school) to have him tested. Once tested they found nothing that he was allergic to and told us he might have food allergies or some inhalant allergies; but nothing was confirmed. Since he already wasn’t a good eater, we began trying different foods. We would wean him onto a new food and he would eat it for a day or two and then not want to eat it. His poor eating habits were the case for most of his life too. I did not want to continue prednisone for the rest of his life.

When Zeus was around 4 years old a very good friend introduced us to mORIGINS. I saw her dogs and they were beautiful and very healthy. Since I had already tried other things I thought I would give this a try. Once Zeus was completely on mORIGINS, over time the scratching ceased, his hot spots cleared up, his coat became healthy looking again, he no longer had to take prednisone and the most amazing thing for us is that he started holding his right ear straight up. Every time it is dinner time, he does the “mORIGINS dance” as my friend and I call it, waiting for his bowl to be put on the ground for him to eat - he loves it! Not once in the 4 years he has been on mORIGINS, has he ever turned down a meal.

About 6 months ago, the availability of getting mORIGINS locally was more difficult. The vet where we had gotten our food was changing raw diet brands. Since we thought all raw diets were the same we switched Zeus to the new raw and slowly weaned him off mORIGINS. It was amazing but within a month of adding more and more of the new raw food, Zeus started scratching and chewing again. I became concerned when a hot spot returned from where Zeus had chewed his skin raw. In talking with Laurie, she was able to send mORIGINS directly to us and in 2 weeks of being back on mORIGINS 100%, his hot spot cleared and his scratching ceased.

I will never feed my dogs anything but mORIGINS!!!! I never knew there were differences in raw diets, but now I do. I am so thankful for the effort mORIGINS puts into making a superb raw diet - it is the best anywhere!!! Thanks Laurie, thanks mORIGINS!!

Katherine Paulus
Weaverville, North Carolina

Zeus Before mORIGINS
Zeus After mORIGINS


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