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Freeze-Dried Dog and Cat Treats

mOrigins freeze-dried lamb treats
Wholly Baa Baa!
Organic lamb treats from lambs raised on
mORIGINS own Luna Noua Farm.
2 oz. & 24 oz. bags.
mOrigins freeze-dried beef treats
Wholly Cow!
USDA range-fed beef treats.
2 oz. (pictured) & 24 oz. bags.

Great for training!


These treats have been a huge hit with my four cats; even "Mr. Picky" (Sundance) loves them! And I'm extremely happy, because with his calcium metabolism problems, they are way better for him than his other fave, cheddar cheese! :) Thanks!


Jean Hofve, DVM
Denver, CO



"My dog Chessie absolutely loves these! I crumble one on top of her food and now she's a great eater. The vet says she could still gain some weight, and these are helping."

Best regards,
Noc, CT


"Even though Streaker ( 5 year old Irish Setter) won't eat frozen mORIGINS or any other "wet" food, crumbling freeze-dried mORIGINS TREATS over his crunchy kibble turned him from an infrequent eater into a vigorous and regular feeder. The crumbled treats have also reduced his episodes with bloody diarrhea.

They have been a wonderful addition to his diet for over a year."

C. Remaley
Cleveland, OH



"The gang is bonkers over those darn treats—it's like catnip for dogs!"

Donna Moll and the Newfies,
Union Springs, NY

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