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The following conditions have been eradicated or greatly inproved with pets being fed mORIGINS.

~~~ Dalmation (now 9 years old): overweight with gastrointestinal problems, excessive drinking and urination; no recurrence after 4 years.

~~~ Overweight dogs and cats now normal weight with good muscle tone.

~~~ Belgian Tervuren (now 11 years old): hypothyroid and epileptic; no recurrence of seizures in over 2 years. Recently took 5 blue ribbons in agility.
Unfortunately, Bailey was lost to an astrocytoma in April, 2001.

~~~ Two American bulldogs with chronic gas and diarrhea; no recurrence.

~~~ Collie (now 12.5 years, our Morah) with allergy to beef in dog food, fibrous histiocytomas in eyes, corneal dystrophy, lenticular sclerosis, forever hungry, vomited yellow bile if not fed something every eight hours, sinusitis, ruptured anal glands twice, idiopathic diarrhea, bladder infections, hypothyroid, abnormal heat cycles with severe false pregnancies, at least 8 of her relatives bloated - off AK PRED since June 1996 for eyes: no recurrence of gastrointestinal problems, fully satisfied with once a day feeding, no recurrence of other problems, still on soloxine, but reduced dose twice so far.

~~~ German Shorthair with anal gland problems, gas and diarrhea; no recurrence, off medication.

~~~ Dull coats turn shiny and excessive shedding stops.

~~~ Feline acne, chronic vomiting in cats; no recurrence.

~~~ Chinese Shar-Peis(mother and daughter) with poor coats and skin problems; no recurrence.

~~~ Several Cockers with skin allergies; no recurrence since September 1997 and reduced thyroid medicine.

~~~ Cocker with seizures on a low protein diet; no recurrence, off medication after 10 months on diet.

~~~ Chinese Crested with anal gland problems, picky eater, dental problems; no recurrence since June 1996.

~~~ Collie (10 years) with severe arthritis and dry seborrhea; no recurrence since November 1997.

~~~ Shi Tzu (12 years) with bad skin and bad odor; no recurrence since August 1997.

~~~ Llasa Apso (5 years) with bad back and hip pain; acting like a young pup since October 1997.

~~~ Yellow Labrador (10 years) diagnosed with inoperable adenocarcinoma in the mouth and sinuses in July 1999 with 4 months to live continues to enjoy good quality of life. Lost the fight in April 2000.

~~~ Golden Retrievers (ages 14 and 12) overweight with severe arthritis, runny eyes, pink noses and poor coats; used diet and acupuncture to effect significant increase in muscle tone, noses turned black, eyes cleared and coats improved in less than 3 months.

~~~ Mixed breeds (age 9, sisters): bad gums, allergies and arthritis; no recurrence of any symptoms since June 1999.

And there are many more



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