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mORIGINS is one of the oldest companies in the USA involved in making raw diets for cats and dogs. We have been around since 1994 with the formula for dogs and cats. We began making our diet long before the advent of popular diet concepts like BARF, feeding by country of origin, and many others put forth by well known authors in their books and veterinarians in practice.

We have stuck to our principles in making truly carnivorous diets for canines and felines throughout our history, weathering at times some criticism from raw food aficionados, veterinarians (both holistic and allopathic) and individuals who have seen improvements in choosing other diet concepts for their pets.

Through it all, we have been determined to bring you the finest quality raw diets (beef and lamb (NEW!) made in our own facility here in central Ohio.
Our formula was conceived by Lee Simmons, DVM who is well known in the field of zoological nutrition and further evaluated by experts in canine and feline nutrition from UC at Davis. To this great formula, we brought in top experts to help educate us in the proper handling, processing and cleaning methods for a facility involved in preparing our foods.

mORIGINS products are made in a specially designed cold room in very small batches of 50# to insure that the meat and other ingredients are minimally exposed to oxygenation. Each batch is packaged, vacuum sealed and rushed back to the freezer to maximize freshness.

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