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Dog Pictures | Cat Pictures | Luna Noua Flock
Morah after diet
Minnie the barn kitty age unknown. She was found
in a sheep pasture in September 2008 in dire shape -
attacked or hit by some unknown source. She made a
complete recovery within a month on nothing more
than mORIGINS and a round of antibiotics.
Morah after diet
Priscilla - barn cat at Luna Noua Farm
Griffen's owner states that Griffen lasted six years longer
than expected because of mORIGINS.
Morah before diet
Darth Vader - barn cat at Luna Noua Farm
Obi Wan Kenobi ("Obi Wan") is pictured here at 10 years of age.
He was rescued as a young kitten and has been on mORIGINS his entire life.
Never brushed, this is his natural state of radiant health.
He is truly the king of the castle!
Dog Pictures | Cat Pictures | Luna Noua Flock

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Dog Pictures | Cat Pictures | Luna Noua Flock
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