Morah of mORIGINS
(Morah's Origins)

Hey Morah
(Adams' Acres Wonder Girl, CDX)

"May I continue to learn and expand as much over the next 13 years as I did as a result of being chosen by such a wise and loving companion."

To the world you always meant something big.
To Linda Tellington-Jones, your movement over obstacles was a "Wow".
To Shane McConnell, you were "poetry in motion".
To Jim Poundstone, you were his first breed win with a Rough Collie.
To Cleveland, OH, you were the inspiration for the start of it's first agility program.

For the many young dogs and pups who came through our doors, you were the ultimate mom/playmate.

To me, in the beginning, you were an amazing introduction into competition obedience, free-style heeling, and Wizkid Dog Camp's wonders to name a few.

We did love to dance!

But that was just the "shell on the egg". You began changing all our lives when you drew our attention to food. You turned my over-educated brainwashed mind into a pile of mush as I transitioned from a "well-informed" know-it-all to a feverish researcher in search of the truth.

You have inspired so many to move forward. To really listen to their companions and to themselves.

Few humans have had the effect on others that you demonstrated in such a short time here on earth with no words and a powerful aura of calm assurance.

Miss you, MORZAPUP!
You left some big paws for a mere human to fill.


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